Six Actions to Accelerate and Develop Insights for Personal And Professional Growth

Vipe Desai
4 min readJan 8, 2020

Many folks will be making resolutions but you know what’s better than a resolution?


Actions speak louder than resolutions.

What I’m sharing in this article is what I’ve been using personally for many years to not only stay ahead and on top of trends but also keep my mind fresh with insights that I can use for making better investment decisions and carry up-to-date knowledge into meetings and the board room.

I’ll let the actions speak for themself so dive into them below.


There are so many podcasts out there it’s hard to pick a favorite but whatever industry you’re in or area you’re passionate about you can be sure that there’s a podcast out there for you. Add a few to your playlist and you’ll start planting seeds in the back of your mind that may blossom into action down the line. Podcasts are also a great onramp to learn about other industries and sectors if you’re looking to make a jump into other careers. Shameless plug here — consider starting off with my Army of Gamechangers podcast!

2. Audiobooks

If you spend any amount of time commuting for work or even traveling, pop in an Audiobook and dive into some great stories or business books. I’ve got a handful of Audiobooks on my iPhone at all times and I still feel I get to enjoy into some great reads even when I can’t put my nose into a real book. And not sure if this is true or not but I’ve read a few articles that point out that listening to Audiobooks can make you smarter and increase your intellect and recall. Here’s what I’m listening to right now, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki

3. TED Talks

Want to be a better storyteller? Start watching and listening to TED Talks! There are some incredible gems in their library of great talks. Get the app added to your smartphone or open up a tab on your browser and be prepared to be inspired! TED Talks are short, sweet and packed with powerful messages from amazing people from all over the world. Check out my friend Peter Abraham’s TED Talk below!

4. Harvard Business Review Daily Management Tips

These daily management tips are like fortune cookies for professionals. I’ve been subscribing to their management tips for years and every morning I get an email a few paragraphs long with relevant management insights. Some are new thoughts and other times they’re just good friendly reminders but they’re always a great way to jump-start my day with just the right bite-size pieces of knowledge.

5. Gaping Void Culture Design Group

This one is a little tough to describe but their emails combine art and approaching managerial decisions through the lens of culture. It’s like Reese’s peanut butter cups for creative business minds. The emails cover topics like company culture, design thinking, leadership strategies, creating better functioning teams, enhancing patient experience, etc. — the perfect blend of entertainment and thought-provoking insights.

6. Public Company Quarterly Earnings Conference Calls

This is super nerdy but listening to quarterly earnings conference calls of public companies can deliver a wealth of information. You’re hearing reporting from the CEO and CFO most of the time and also hearing questions asked from bankers and financial analysts about the general business operations, trends and any other matters related to their industry or just good general market-related information. Click the link above and get a taste of the ZUMIEZ leadership team in action.

That’s my New Years’ message for you!

2020 is the year you put your head down and focus on you! Podcasts, Audiobooks, TED Talks, Harvard Business Review Daily Management Tips, Gaping Void Emails, and quarterly earnings conference calls are how you work quietly behind the scenes plotting your career moves and elevating your personal and professional game.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

About me: I’m what you would call a brand strategist with a purpose and I create winning strategies in the boardroom. In addition to being a career entrepreneur and philanthropist, I look for ways to apply my more than 3 decades of experience in creating disruptive brands and growth strategies for nonprofits and emerging businesses. Currently, I’m serving as a Board Member for Ocean Champions, Ocean Institute, Skateistan, and — an SEC reporting company managing more than $450 million in assets.

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